Eleni Elefterias 1995-96

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Music & Lyrics by Eleni Elefterias

Eleni singing Μια κάμαρα γεμάτη σκιες, Video by John NIkolakopoulos of Ikonfilms and 2017


Μια κάμαρα γεμάτη σκιες,
σεντόνια που μυρίζουν χτες,
γεμάτα όμορφες στιγμές, με σένα.
Στο ράδιο πάλι μουσική,
θαρρείς κι’είσαι ακόμα στη ζωή,
σαν τίποτα να’χει συμβεί, κι’εγώ πονάω.

Σε πήρε η μοίρα μια βραδιά
μεσ’απ τη δική μου αγκαλιά,
κι απ’ το πρωί στη μοναξιά, σε χάνω.
Μια κάμαρα πάντα σκοτινή
είν’ότι έχω στη ζωή,
σαν μνήμη τόσο μακρινή, σε χάνω.

Κι’ ο ήλιος βγήκε όπως πάντα,
οι ακτίνες χορεύουν στη βεράντα
δεν ξέρουν έφυγες για πάντα, αγάπη μου.
Πέρασε κι η Πρωτοχρονιά,
τ’άνθη στεγνώσαν στα κλαδιά,
σαράντα μέρες περάσαν πια, δίχως εσένα.

Φεύγει ο χρόνος θα περάσει,
η πρωτοχρονιά θα σε ξεχάσει,
και τ’όμορφο χαμογελό σου δεν θα γεράσει.

Ζης στη πορεία του καιρού,
στο καρδιοχτύπι ενός παιδιού,
στα λόγια και στα όνειρά μας, ζης.
Ζης στης κιθάρας της χορδές,
της ζωής μας ήσουν το χτες,
στων αστεριών τις φεγγοβολές, Θα ζης



A room full of shadows
sheets that smell of yesterday
full of beautiful moments with you
Music on the radio
as if you are still alive
like nothing has occurred and I am in pain

Destiny took you
from within my embrace
and in the morning I lose you to loneliness
A room full of shadows is all I have in life
like a memory so far away, I lose you

And the sun comes up as always
its rays shining on the verandah,
Not knowing that you have gone forever, my love
The New Year has come and gone,
the flowers have dried on the stems,
forty days have passed without you

Time goes , it will pass,
the new year will forget you,
but your beautiful smile will never grow old.

You live in the passing of the time,
Within the heartbeat of a child,
in our words and in our dreams you live
You live in the strings of this guitar,
You were our “yesterday” ,
in the rays of the shining stars you will live.

Copyright Eleni Elefterias

Released May 28, 2017

Music and Lyrics written and performed by Eleni Elefterias

Lead Guitar Chris Kyvetos Jnr

Acoustic Guitar and Baglama Sotiris Prokopiou

Rhythm Guitar George Spanos

Violin Elisabeth Coroneo

Percussion Christina Bachiella

Additional composition and bass guitar by Daniel Natoli.

Produced by Daniel Natoli and Eleni Elefterias

Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Daniel Natoli (DNA | Daniel Natoli Audio)

Recorded at A Sharp Recording Studio, Riverwood, NSW, Australia.

Additional recording at DNA | Daniel Natoli Audio.

Any unmixed or consolidated recording material (in whole, or in part) cannot be copyrighted, re-released, sold or published in any form without the consent of the recording engineer (Daniel Natoli). All other rights belong to their respective owners.

Acknowledgements I would like to thank Felicia Harris and Sotiris Prokopiou for their advice and help in the rehearsals and production of this song.

Copyright Eleni Elefterias

Copyright all rights reserved

The soundtrack of the song is available for download and buy from Bandcamp. See the link below.

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MUSIC & LYRICS: Eleni Elefterias, ARRANGEMENT: Felicia Harris, Intro and Bouzouki: DIMITRIS HAREMIS, Guitar: Sotiris Prokopiou, Percussion: Christina Bacchiella, Choir from left to right: Joanne Mayson, Eleni Elefterias, Marina Thiveos, Persa Sue Thliveris, Felicia Harris, Chris Karanges, Jim Tsolakis and Harry Mavrolefteros. Filmed by Vasilis Vasilas of Syndesmos: Connecting People and their Stories. Filmed at