"Eleni is a passionate and dedicated advocate to the cause of Greek culture in Australia. Through her music, writing, and teaching, Eleni keeps the selfless energy and spirit of giving that embodies Greek culture to her students, her readers and her fans around the globe."

Ελένη Ελευθερίας

Author. Musician. Teacher.

Συγγραφέας. Μουσικός. Καθηγήτρια.

Τελευταία Κυκλοφορία - Latest book

My Grandma is a Musician - Η γιαγιά μου είναι μουσικός

My Grandma is a Musician is a bilingual book in GREEK and ENGLISH with the transliteration so that anyone can read it, whether they can read Greek or not.

This is the first bilingual children’s book by Eleni Elefterias. It is a fun adventure that breaks down the stereotypes about grandmothers while also teaching about occupations. It is an excellent book for schools and pre-schools.

With a catchy tune also composed by Eleni, the song is sung by Eleni Elefterias with music accompaniment by SOTIRIS PROKOPIOU on guitar and baglama and Christine Bacciella on percussion. It is suitable for children’s school performances.  

The amazing artwork of BRANISLAV SOSIC, based on concepts by Eleni Elefterias, brings the song and book to life. It allows for plenty of discussion and enhances the learning and teaching of extra vocabulary in Modern Greek.

This is the first of Eleni’s children’s books  as part of a publishing collaboration with Yannis Nikolakopoulos of grammatakia.com, teaching Modern Greek to children in a fun and colourful way.